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Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is the ability to pursue your passion and reach your goals, resiliently tossing aside fears and obstacles by controlling your thinking, beliefs and actions.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

No, this is not a review of an older movie starring Clint Eastwood. Rather, it is looking at states of being and determining which state you happen to be in at the present time. If it is a state that is not giving you the success and fulfillment that you desire, but...

Domestic Violence

During my many years in law I had a number of cases that involve domestic violence. In all those years I never understood how violence entered into a family or relationship situation. I fully understand how family and friends can cause you to reach your emotional...

How Cool Is It To Be different?

It seems that several times a week the media carries stories about people who are experiencing difficulties because they are "different" from the norm. They can be bullied, ostracized, belittled and ridiculed. Life is difficult for them. Others just might feel...


How are your Demons treating you? Those beliefs that are ankle biters and are holding you back. They are stopping you from doing what you are able to do, from being fulfilled and from following your true calling or passion. They are not your friends and they are not...


Visiting a graveyard can be rather interesting. It provides a history of lives lived that have now left. And then what? Well, this is not a religious blog so you can rest assured that I am not going to start spouting spirituality. I just want to share my opinion of...

Changing the way you think!


Bill Knapp Mental Toughness a combining of four skill sets, Mental Toughness, Critical Thinking, Change of Perspective and Control of Emotions. It is an ongoing process that assists in identifying outdated, harmful habits that act as negative anchors on our path to success. Those habits and thoughts are then replaced with progressive, positive beliefs, thoughts and then actions propel individuals and companies towards goals, increased productivity and growing success.


To prepare for a marathon you do not go out and practice for one day and consider yourself in peak condition to complete the twnety-six mile race. It is an ongoing process where you improve steadily until you are able to put forth your best effort. In the same manner, Bill Knapp Mental Toughness is a process that builds on itself enabling the participant to grow, improve and succeed. It assists in knocking down obstacles, problems and issues that would stop the ordinary person.

Generally we commence with a one-day program that provides valuable insights, steps and suggests actions to begin the journey to reaching fulfillment and attaining goals that seemed improbable before.

We then offer weekly coaching through video training with particular steps that can be completed without interfering with the normal business schedule.

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